OM-D: what I DON'T like

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Re: OM-D: what I DON'T like

John Bean (UK) wrote:

Poagao wrote:

I don't have a problem with most of the things others dislike...I even really like the placement of the on/off switch and the way the camera feels in my hands. I don't use the menus so they don't bother me either. What does get my goat, however, is the fact that if you have the EVF set on all the time, as you must if you want to see a picture when you raise the camera to your eyes instead of a blank screen, then the camera insists on having all the information displayed across the view when you press the shutter button´╝î because there's no other view option available.

I'd also appreciate ISO100, but that's a minor niggle. The EVF thing is a bit frustrating, however, and something that nobody seems to mention here.

Your description is a bit confusing but I think you're referring to the lack of alternative EVF "modes" if the auto EVF/LCD sensor is disabled; in this setting the EVF always mimics the LCD like it does on a PEN with external EVF.

I leave the sensor enabled (it rarely bothers me) but I'd probably disable it if that didn't restrict functionality the way it does.

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John Bean [GMT]

For the way I shoot, which is often very quickly, I need the display to be there when I bring the camera to my eye, not a second later, so I am forced to use the mode with all the info plastered over the scene. This is just the way I shoot, but I would appreciate a clearer view of what I'm shooting, as that is, to me, the basis of photography.

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