Aperture or Lightroom and why?

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Re: Aperture or Lightroom and why?

richarddd wrote:

nick101 wrote:

I prefer Aperture because:

- I find combining the asset management and post processing in one program suits my way of thinking

LR does a nice job of keywording, cataloging and otherwise being able to find images. Is that what you mean by asset management?

Yes - that's what I meant. Aperture (you probably know this) puts all the images and edits in a single database - not everyone likes this arrangement, but I'm OK with it

- Aperture (plus some plug-ins, like Silver Efex) gives me all the adjustments I need. On the (very) rare occasions I want more, I go to Photoshop - maybe twice this year)

Glad to hear Aperture works for you! The Nik plugins are very nice. I also like color efex.

Out of curiosity, have you tried LR4 (or camera raw in CS6)?

Not yet - I tried LR3 and couldn't get to grips with it - that might have been as much to do with my habits of work as any shortcomings in LR. As you doubtless know, the UIs of Aperture and LR are very, very different, and it's hard to use both.

I might have another look at LR4, but it would have to have something compelling to become my default. To be clear - this is not me saying Aperture is better (there is no better, IMO), just expressing a preference and why.

- But - Aperture needs a muscular Mac - my 27" 2011 iMac with 12GB is fine, but my 24" iMac with 3GB struggled - not impossible, but slow. For what it's worth, my Aperture Library is about 200GB

Image processing requires a muscular machine. A faster processor, faster drive and more memory are very helpful.

LR3 seemed to work my older iMac less hard than Aperture - I don't know whether tha carried through to LR4

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