Is the D600 kit lens considered a good lens?

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Re: Is the D600 kit lens considered a good lens?

The 24-85 kit lens isn't bad. Bokeh is pretty good if you're shooting close to the shorter end at 3.5 aperture and you're separating focus point from background technically well.

For $600, you could do a lot worse.

Keep it mind it is only a kit lens. If you wanted better optical quality (around the same range) for around the same price or less, the only ones I can think of are perhaps the 50mm 1.4G/D or 1.8G/D, and the 35-70mm 2.8D (usually less than $550 if in superb condition off eBay).

It's super-light and versatile, so if you're upgrading to full frame and you can't afford much, then get this. Sometimes, I think it's more useful than my 24mm 1.4G, which I keep on my D600 almost 99% of the time.

You might want to consider saving up for a nice FX lens and using it on a DX body. You'll get better results with a 24mm 1.4G on a D5100 than a 24-85mm kit lens on a D600 (just from my experience) because the 24mm gives you sharpness unmatched by nearly any other lens in the Nikon lineup.

Invest in lens, unless you really can only afford to do one, in which case the 24-85 is pretty good for what you pay.

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