Which focus mode do you use?

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Re: Which focus mode do you use?

NEX cameras are not ideally suited to action shooting as focus is slower & less reliable than standard phase detection used in DSLRs.

I use the Aperture mode for control of depth of field & the spot focus mode coupled with DMF. It pays to watch the image as it focuses as that gives the opportunity to see if the camera misses the optimum focus. When focus locks a slight tweak of the manual focus ring enlarges the image & then a slight +/- turning allows any necessary fine tuning of the selected focus target area , pressing the shutter when focus is correct.

I assume that by talking about animal shots you are wanting to photograph moving subjects ? You can either choose the tracking mode with continious shooting in the hope that some frames are sharp or pre-focus on a given spot & release the shutter when the subject hits the spot ! Shoot plenty of frames in the hope that some are good - crudely put the so called spray & pray technique. Good hunting !

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