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You got it......

Ive used a couple of different camera systems namely a Panasonic and the NEX line. Each time I tried and left there was not a single reason to drop a "leaving note", excuse my french but what the f***k is the point? Its quite rude; its almost like leaving a school for a different one, and leaving a note to the headmaster to tell him/her how sh**ty his/her school is, its completely unnecessary. Infact I still visit the NEX forum to simply talk and its still a nice place to hang out.

On top of that why come back to the forum and spread b*. Sure an opinion is one thing, and when expressed respectfully its fine, we as humans will probably NEVER agree entirely on everything. But theres not point throwing in sly digs.

And lastly a word of warning....remember the 5d2 and d700, and how you could say canon "won" that battle. Well a couple of years later Nikon stepped up. There will always be fluctuations in what is to offer by the camera makers, so your camera will not be the best forever, guranteed.

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