Timelapse Review -- Christmas Tree Decorating

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Re: Timelapse Review -- Christmas Tree Decorating

El Matadurr wrote:

Jchen195 wrote:

Shooting intervals can be set between 1 to 60 seconds, choosing single second increments up to 10 seconds per shot--after 10 seconds, you can only set for increments of 5 seconds.

First off, thanks for the review. Admittedly, reading this makes me wish even more it would become available on the NEX-7. I miss the timelapse functionality on my old d300.

The quoted sentence is a little confusing, does what you say here mean that you cannot do a full timelapse with only 1 second increments (1 shot per second), or that after the first 10 seconds of capture, it reverts to 5 seconds per shot? Thanks.


Basically, you need to choose a few settings: shooting interval and shooting duration

Shooting interval specifies how often to take a photo and duration specifies how long to shoot for the timelapse video/stills

The intervals can be set from 1-10 seconds per shot at increments of 1 second

(1 second per shot, 2 seconds per shot, 3 seconds per shot, etc)

BEYOND 10 seconds, the app allows for increments of 5

(10 seconds per shot, 15 seconds per shot, 20 seconds per shot, etc)

Once you choose an interval, it cannot be changed unless you choose to stop the shooting.

So, for example, my NEX-6 was set for 3 seconds between shots for 40 minutes in the tree video.

It took a shot every three seconds and kept doing so until the specific duration of 40 minutes.

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