From 5n to 7

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From 5n to 7

I got myself a NEX 7 after using the 5n + EVF for some months.
maybe this might help some people that hesitate to buy a NEX 6 or NEX 7:

- My NEX 7 is easier to shoot one handed. The weight between body and lens is has a better balance. The grip is much better on the 7. It might sound strange but the NEX 7 + lens feels lighter than the NEX 5n + (same) lens when held one handed. I also get less pictures with motion blur at slow shutter speeds.

- Tri-nav control is really nice on the 7, the direct control on the 5n is very limited.

- The 5n has better auto white balance. IQ is pretty much the same, the 7 has a bit more detail while the 5n has less noise at higher ISO.

- I haven't accidentally touched the record button yet in the four days that I have used the NEX 7, probably thanks to my small hands.

- I find the (AEL) lock-button very usefull, I didn't think I would use it that much.

- The 7 fits easier in my bag than my 5n + EVF attached, but without the EVF, the 5n is really small, this has the advantage that it is more pocketable, but there is less grip to hold the camera.

- I use the flash more with the 7 because with the 5n I left the EVF on most of the time (can't use EVF and flash at the same time).

- I thought I would miss the tiltability of the EVF that I used on the 5n, but I didn't miss it yet. I just tilt the screen now if needed (might be a problem when shooting in bright sunlight). Still, the tiltability of the external EVF is a very nice feature.

- The shutter sound of the 7 sounds warm and soft, the 5n shutter sound is higher pitched and sounds a bit louder.

- I'm glad the auto ISO on the NEX 7 is limited to ISO 1600. ISO 3200 on the NEX 5n is worse than ISO 1600 on the NEX 7, even with the better ISO performance on the NEX 5n. I would rather shoot ISO 1600 at 1/30 than ISO 3200 at 1/60.

- NEX 7 (and NEX 6) is a lot more expensive, some shops sell the 5n at 1/3 of the price of the 7, if you're on a budget or mostly shoot in auto mode, then the 5n is a great buy.

- NEX 7 gives you more room for cropping.

- picture size of NEX 7 is larger (about 1,5 x the size of NEX 5n pictures) so you'll need more storage for same amount of pictures.

In the end, both the 5n and the 7 produce great pictures but both camera's have their pro's and contra's.

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