Sony Gift Cards 20% Discount

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Re: Sony Gift Cards 20% Discount

Based on the experience and conversations I had with Sony and Cashstar (who handles tbe actual e-Gift cards) -

Buy $100 in eGift cards and get $20 back in Promotional eGift cards.

So if you buy 1X $100 card you get 1X$20 card.

If you buy 1X$300 card you get 3X$20 cards.

If you buy 1X$350 card you get 3X$20 cards ($100 dollar increments).

You should make sure to call in after you've placed your order as they will need to verify before they process. They don't tell you this.

Once you've received cards you will be able to apply them in the Gift Card slot during checkout.

Some have reported success with entering both the original eGift card and the Promotional eGift card in the same order. I have not tried this.

When I called in I got different information (see the posts above) so proceed with that in mind.

Hope that helps.

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