COSTCO Today - D600 Camera 2 Lens Bundle (24-85 mm VR, 70-300 VR, + Lots More) $2389.99

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Re: Huh???

Just Having Fun wrote:

Ronj2 wrote:

I saw that the other day in Costco, I find it hard to believe that in my neck of the woods there are that many folks willing to fork out $2600 with tax for a camera outfit to sell a pallet of them. Seems like a nice camera. Not sure that lens is worth $599 on its own. $300 - 350 maybe, which is about what they go for used now.

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Ron J

What lens is priced at $599?

The Costco deal is $1999 for the D600 and the 24-85mm lens (which you basically get for free), and $350 for the 70-300mm VRII, and about $50 for a memory card, wifi adapter, very nice Nikon case, etc.

The Costco kit is good but:

The wifi adapter is almost useless: it is very slow.

The included bag has an average quality compare to Tamrac or Lowepro

Add about $200 TAX

B&H deal during Thansgiving was better: D600 + same kit zoom + more useful accessories; if you add 70-300VR, there was $300 less than Costco offer.

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