Linux 64-bit ready for prime time?

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Re: 1.3 Million activations per day

Archer66 wrote:

Seriously, whats the point of having 800 Linux distros ? Does every Linux user need his/her own distro ?

nope, and you know they don't... but you are trying to ridicoulize this to get your point across. weak, but OK.

The fact that there are so many flavours of linux proves that there is a request for them, and that linux as a kernel is flexible enough for people to build their 'own' OS around it. An OS that does PRECISELY what they want, without being cluttered to suit the need of the masses. Most of these ' distros' are highly specialized, and not suitable for day-to-day use. Still they are linux distros.

The average user will pick between about  5 to 10 different distros. Biggest differences between those are the 'base system'  that they are derived of, and the desktop you want to run on that. For most people that desktop environment is the most important part of their choice, so then it is down to about 4 serious candidates. There are many many more, but those 4 are mainstream enough to be useable.

As so with Android. there are many spin-offs from the original, but only few candidates to put on your device for day-to-day work.

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