canon 600mm is II or nikon 600mm vr + new D800

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I'm going to toss one of my images in. The top is just a screen shot transfered to PS

CG_Photography wrote:


Interesting update. Here are the comparison pics, same set up as before, except live view with magnification and manual focus was used. I tried VR "on" and "tripod" settings but this made no difference. Here I think we can see the effect of Nikons superior resolution. I does make us question the poor performance of the D800 auto focus (compare the Nikon auto focus pic in my prior post to the manual one in this post) now that we see what the d800 + 600mmVR is capable of rendering. Keep in mind that in the original test I used the center autofocus point, and not the know notorious left auto focus point. Still, although I have to give this round to Nikon, I think my venerable 5d mark II made a great showing and the image quality difference is small.



the crops are actual DPP crops converted and sent to PS.

5D II EF 600mm F4L IS SS 0.8 F4 LV 10X IS off MLP Self timer. View the original in my gallery for a larger view. You’re probably not interested in my lens but it was the current Nikon rival. My lens will be 2 yrs old in January and I've no plans to upgrade at this time. Although I like the idea of reduced weight and better IS, my lens has not disappointed me at all in the IQ department. I have seen many images from the new Canon 600 but to be honest I have not seen any that are compellingly different. If there is a difference, it is very subtle. With that I for one will wait until the prices come down as well before I upgrade.

These lenses from both camps are difficult to test as they are so close in IQ that any difference is usually caused by our own micro errors.

Is the Nikon superior? Yes in price only. Optically we are all splitting hairs here IMHO.

One thing I would consider is this, if your going to get the D800, why not get the Nikon 500mm f4? With the availible 36mp you may not even need the Nikon 600mm and it is a better optic. Also the 500mm is lighter and less costly than the 600mm.

Ultimately you have to make the choice for yourself best wishes and Happy holidays.

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