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Re: No disrespect.. but still an advantage.

Richard wrote:

rrccad wrote:

I know how to crop, how it works and do it all the time, it is a valid comparison, maybe not to you, I think anyone would prefer they have additional mps to crop than not. You may have a differencing opinion.

okay ... so 96mb camera versus a 100mp camera has the same cropping difference as a 14 to 10 mp camera and obviously the 100mp camera is seriously better because of 4mp of crop-ability?

I don't have a 96 mp camera but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express. BUT I have cropped to a 14mp image and to 10 mp, the difference is significant to me and a definite advantage, perhaps not you, but it is clear we have very differing opinions over this subject, but I think I can safely say, most people excluding you would rather have 4mp extra cropping room than not when IQ is similar. Below is a 14mp image from a Kodak digital camera with 2 10mp images on it using different aspect ratios from 2 other cameras. You have already made up your mind but I thought I would post it for those who would like to know the difference.

It is a small advantage - insignificant to many I am sure.

Now - can we please move on!

I'm sure most reader already know the difference between 10MP and 14MP, and those that didn't now have enough information to make up their own minds. I'm also fairly sure that most readers don't wish to wade through a discussion regarding the fairly small difference in resolution when trying to find information and feedback regarding the 6D.

Cheers guys - have a great Christmas!

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