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Label invisible?

AxelR wrote:

Jack Hogan wrote:

NEF and PSD's

Nikon's codec does not do PSDs, neither does the MS Camera Codec Pack. Jim summarized the other advantages pretty well, a few replies above in this same thread.

Ok, uninstalled MS and Nikon's codecs and bought and installed yours, Axel. Works most excellently and now I can search directly from windows explorer's search window based on a large number of parameters

One parameter I have not been able to find are color labels inserted in View/CNX2 (in both Jpeg and NEF files during my culling/sorting workflow).  Uploading the image to Jeffrey's I can see the label in the XMP data as Label:Red, but the Label column in windows explorer remains blank and searching for it does not seem to work (Label: remains black, if you know what I mean). Is it called something else in windows, or is it simply not visible?

Thanks for your help,

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