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Re: Why I sold my a99 and went for the d800

Shield3 wrote:

Kappels wrote:

Shield3 wrote:

Dsnoir wrote:

On your list of 'Gear' you do not appear to actualy own an A99, and your gallery seems strangely bereft of award winning images.

Pretty much. Some people on here like to thump their own chest needlessly.

Errr...and where are your award winning shots? Still waiting for a video with the super 5DMKIII...but guess you are too busy to spend time on the sOny forum to actually go out and use your Canon camera, if you indeed have one...


Hi Stef, old friend. I'm not on here saying people are lining up to buy my stills though am I? You are reading these posts in their entirety, right?

I've shot a lot of video and stills lately, but they're all of my family. Yes, the 5DIII is better than the a99 for both stills and video, but you certainly have to work for both. The a99 is much easier to pick up and get a good shot with. Thanks for your concern and care though.

Really Shield? When are you going to post some footage that shows how good the mkiii is then?? Still waiting:)

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