Ink Republic CIS nightmare!

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Re: Ink Republic CIS nightmare!


A couple of things. First, the  "cleaning causes clogs" scenario may be caused by the "Parking Pads" being over saturated. They are located on the far left and right of the printer and can be cleaned with Windex and paper towels. If you search for this you should find some better instructions. The bottom of the print head may also be dirty and can be cleaned by running it over a Windex soaked paper towel. Press the change ink cartdidge button, the head will move a bit to the left then unplug the printer from the wall and the print head will move freely.

Sometimes a perfect nozzle check can be obtained by letting the printer sit for a while; this lets air work its way out of the system.

Second, I get the grinding noise when the movement of the print head is restricted by the CIS ink tubes. If the tubes are too short the head can't move far enough. If the tubes are too long they get caught in front of the head and restrict it.


Bob Schoner

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