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Hey there. Just got off phone with Sony.

Here's the issue -

1. They issue a 20 dollar back for every 100 spent. But those are issued as separate 20 dollar gift cards. So if you order a 500 dollar gift card (the maximum allowed for egift) you will end up with six cards (1x $500 and 5X $20) . So the larger the order the more cards/codes involved.

2. In addition, only ONE of those $20 promo cards can be used per purchase. So you can't stack them up on a big purchase hoping to make up the difference.

I got different answers from different people so you may have different results depending on the person on the other end.

One person I spoke to tried to get the promo cards consolidated but was unable to as a department she needed was already closed.

cruzcat01 wrote:

You can effectively net a A99 for ~ $2200 with this offer.

Sign up for Sony EPP from here SONY EPP

Register with your email id and PIN "EPPFORD286". This PIn has been floating around for the past two weeks and nothing "shady" about it AFAIK.

The EPP price of A99 is $2520. Buy $2200 in gift cards and receive $440 gift cards (free). If you sign up for sony rewards you also get $25 in rewards point which is only usable in the Sony Store.

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