I never use my D7000 :(

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[toomanycanons] you obvious don't travel much and leave everything in the car!

toomanycanons wrote:

Inevitably when someone testifies that "lugging their DSLR around" became too much, it never fails, they're "lugging around" some stupid 10 lb kit like the above statement. Like that's how a guy just HAS to shoot with a DSLR, by "lugging around" a 10 lb kit.

I've been shooting with DSLRs for 6 years. My kit always weighs around 2 lbs. I don't "lug it" I carry it effortlessly. Just for another viewpoint.

Before you made that judgement again me & others, consider this:

  • I don't have my car when I'm visiting a foreign land
  • I don't trust leaving my gear in rental cars, or in hotel room
  • I like to have my shooting needs cover, and that is usually 2-4 lens depends on my shoot

If I'm in America, where I have my car and I'm traveling in a safe neighborshood. I can leave most of my gear in my car as a LOCKER and just carry my camera and the lens I need with me.

But when you're traveling outside the countries - which I do frequently. I don't have my CAR (my locker), and when I do, its a rental (don't quite trusted). Thief are smart, they know some dumb lazy American tend to leave their $3000 equipment in their cars. Don't be surprised when you came down from your shoot to find your car vandalized.

Other people who travel in foreign land know what I'm talking about. It is safest to carry your DSLR gear with you. They're the primary target for thief as DSLR gear are high ticket items that sells well.

Just a DIFFERENT international viewpoint that you didn't consider.

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