Audio hiss with D600 and ME-1 microphone

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Re: Audio hiss with D600 and ME-1 microphone

mmb123 wrote:

Richard, thank you for the post. I think that the “misinformation” heading related to earlier posts that suggested the problem could be sorted by manual audio sensitivity settings. I tend to go along with both of you and think that I need to add an amplifier. I think this is poor design but accept that audio is not the prime aim of these cameras. My current question is £200 JuiceLink or £8 FiiO??

Have a merry Christmas

You really do get what you pay for. The JuiceLink unit appears to be a very well engineered and made piece of equipment that does exactly what you need (actually far more), requiring pro-level mics with balanced inputs. Its output can be fed to either low or high impedance inputs and will properly feed the D800's mic input.

The FiiO headphone amplifier is just that, a headphone amplifier. Its output impedance may or may not properly feed the D800 mic input. If it works, you're set. If it doesn't, the result will be no sound, distorted sound, increased noise or a combination of all those problems. It's cheap enough, though, to give it a shot. But if you are at all serious about audio quality, you need much better than that.


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