30 new lenses added in one go to the m4/3 system...

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Completing the system...

I agree entirely. Having the possibility to juggle both primes and zooms is what this adaptation suggests.

The other aspect is if demand stays low because of the demise of 4/3, one can have v. good lenses for a song. So don't spread the word

However until the adapter is there we won't know if this is a free lunch. IMHO long zooms defeat somehow the concept of an 'always with you camera', but in the context of a general purpose system they make much sense.

In the end it is about how easy a system makes you to retrieve images, and with what resolution.

Collecting native lenses is really a different job, but even then some legacy lenses can bring surprising images.

So I don't see the negative aspect, unless there is the primitive fear of the unknown


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