X-E1 RAW Processed with RPP (RAW Photo Processor)

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Re: X-E1 RAW Processed with RPP (RAW Photo Processor)


I just downloaded and tried the beta version of RPP, can you post what your workflow is?
All I have done is set WB to as shoot, Use Auto for exposure, turn off sharpening, and noise, save as 16bit Beta RGB tiff, Open in PS6 using camera raw, then do some clarity, sharpening and then that's it.

What about you?

jainyc wrote:

Just wanted to share one of my X-E1 RAW shots processed with RPP. RPP requires some effort but once you get the hang of it, I think the results are worth it. Like so many others I have all sorts of problems with ACR. Workflow is RPP TIFF export to Photoshop for a little sharpening and export to JPG.

Full resolution image

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