16-80CZ vs 24-70CZ vs 16-50 on A77

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Re: 16-80CZ vs 24-70CZ vs 16-50 on A77

Mark K wrote:

esmall wrote:

I currently have a Tamron 17-50 on my A77 and I'm looking to upgrade. The lens is good but AF is slow/inconsistent and loud. Also, not too sharp wide open. I have an opportunity to get a 16-80CZ used for a decent price, under $500.

I have read that the 16-80CZ has some build issues and no SSM or f2.8.

Do I jump on the 16-80 or get a 16-50 which gives me SSM and 2.8? Do I splurge and get the 24-70CZ which seems to be great but expensive?

Is the performance of the 24-70CZ worth the investment on the A77?

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a77/a300/Tamron 10-24mm/Tamron 17-50 f2.8/Tamron 70-200 f2.8
/Minolta 24-105/Minolta 100-200/Minolta 50 f1.7/Tamron 90 SP Macro
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I have all four lenses mentioned

IMHO, 24-70 is the best thing to invest...unless you are not upgrading to an FF camera....

However, if the sharpness is what you want, you cannot get those from a zoom lens and it is better to start a prime lens.

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Mark K

I went back and forth a lot between the 16-80 and the 24-70 for my APS-C and decided on the 24-70 as its a fixed 2.8 and i use it mostly for indoor shots and when a really exceptional 36-105mm in low light. My normal walkaround lens is my 16-105 on my A700.

Just another voice for the 24-70, Awesome IQ.

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