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Re: B-Fn1, B-Fn2, and L-Fn?

Henry Richardson wrote:

Macx wrote:

One-button bracketing involves the use of the custom modes or MySet. For it to work, you need to make one MySet with your usual non-bracketing preference, and another MySet with your bracketing preferences. For example 7 frame 1/3 EV and Hi-Speed sequential shooting. In your non-bracketing MySet you need to set a button for the bracketing MySet. At present this can only be the Fn1, L-Fn, B-Fn1 or B-Fn2 buttons. This allows you to enter bracketing mode by holding down your chosen button and shooting.

Thank you for your post!

I have searched through my E-M5 PDF manual and there is no reference to B-Fn1 or B-Fn2. I found them in the camera's Button/Dial Custom menu B, but I can't find them in the manual and they aren't on my camera. This is very confusing.

I found one reference in the manual to L-Fn, but it doesn't say where it is on the camera or what it means.

The camera allows me to program the function of B-Fn1, B-Fn2, and L-Fn, but I can't see anyway to actually use them since the manual doesn't say which buttons are B-Fn1, B-Fn2, and L-Fn. Will someone please tell me? Thank you!

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Henry Richardson

Just off hand I'd say the B-fn buttons refer to the function buttons on the grip.  The L-fn button refers to the function button on the 12-50mm lens.

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