Putting D600 initial release issues in perspective

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Re: Any D600 issues that can't be solved in 30 seconds?

Just Having Fun wrote:

Nikonfan99 wrote:

No I cant say that I have had a issue with the camera not taking photos

That would be a really worry, and I glad none of us have.

but I can tell you editing hundreds of photos that show spots at f4.5 is not something I want to do next wedding season so Shoot and clean is the story of my life right now

This is simple to avoid. I always check everything before an important day of shooting. Since these spots appear slowly over time, if you do a check the day before, you should be OK.

So, again we are back to a minor issue/pain.

Exactly. If you add "clean sensor on 2 bodies" to your day-prior-to checklist (along with charge batteries, sync body clocks, clean lenses, etc.), you should have no problems. The f4.5 problem he touts (which I'll assume as true) comes about after many, many actuations. Since this is a lessening problem, doing a cleaning before the first 2-3 weddings will ensure no major spotting problem.


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