Fuji XE1 to replace Leica M8

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Re: Fuji XE1 to replace Leica M8

photo perzon wrote:

I sold my Olympus OMD for the fuji.

sounds funny but there are a lot more Olympus m4/3 people out there than M9'ers

Me too. I sold my OMD for XE1. I had not fully explore the OMD yet. But there are three things I like the XE1 much more than the OMD: 1. ergonomic , 2.out of camera jpeg IQ. 3. OOC color.

I don't have big hands. The olympus OMD is a pain in my hand after long use. I found the body is too thin to my liking and the button placement is too tight. The ergonomic requires longer time to adapt but after long use I dont feel it's comforatable to hold. To make things worst, the EVF is placed in the middle which leaves even less room for your right hand operation. It feels much more comforatable to shoot pictures with it's back LED than the EVF indeed. I enjoy the tilt screen especailly when shooting videos but I prefer to use VF to frame when I shoot picture.

And XE1 fits my hand very nicely and the right side placement of the buttons is nice and comfortable. Although I would want the AF selection button to be put on the right side so that I dont have to use my lefth hand when I need to change AF points.

The very Hi ISO jpeg, 3200, 6400 are all better than OMD and 5DII, yes it is how good it is...

The AF on XE1 with it's 18-55 kit is very good outdoor with good lighting. Indoor low light is slower tho stil l okay but obviously not always instantaneous (shutter delay maybe??). It's ironic that the camera has such a beautiful hi ISO noise free sensor but the low light AF speed caps the potential. Shame Shame Shame!

Talking about the OOC jpeg color, it is sure look better and more film like than the OMD. The Olympus OMD's color is very good but Fuji's is just better.

So far I am happy with my decision. Only when I shoot indoor, I miss my OMD. I hope Fuji will update the firmware again to improve the AF more. Or at least let us know if there is something good on the horizon so I can happily stick with this system.

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