Possible BIG problem 16-50 with Nex 6!

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Re: Mine has the same problem

Radu Iordache wrote:

jasonc84 wrote:

I used two identical video games, taken at a distance of about 2.5 feet. First two were taken using spot focus, with the rear copy in-focus first, then the front one. I don't see an issue with sharpness, but maybe I'm not looking close enough?

Hi Jason,

It is, of course possible that you do not have this issue which I hope. But in my opinion, in this test you placed the 2 objects too far from each other. The problem I, at least, observed is not so severe: For example, when shooting from 30cm I get ~6mm back focus. This is getting bigger with subject distance but it will not get to 10cm from 2.5 feet (~80cm).

So, in your experiment, even if you had the same problem as me, you would not see it because the back object is too far and would be way out of focus area. I would say that from 80cm the back focus would be ~2cm. For example if I take a photo of my wife from 1m in semi profile (one eye closer to me) I focus on the front eye and I ALWAYS get in focus the other eye. I would say this is about 2cm difference in distance.

However, there is something in your experiment that may show that you do not have this problem: the AF and MF look the same.


I ran the same test again, but with the distance between the objects at 3cm (and the camera 3ft away from the subjects). I didn't notice any sharpness issues.

What I do find somewhat irritating and it may be more of a "whichever object is closer" issue is the AF focusing on the wrong thing. I tried taking a picture of my cat curled-up in a ball on the couch and had to use flexible AF to correctly highlight her face. Multi-focus consistently wanted to zero-in on her tail (right in front of her face). Is this related to your problem or is it more about the camera incorrectly guessing what to focus on?

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