Need advice on Lens purchase 75/1.8 or 35-100/2.8 on the OM-D

Started Dec 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
OM mani padme hum Regular Member • Posts: 167
Re: For you, 75/1.8 and 45/1.8

I'm sort of tossing up between these two as well, but past experience is that for stage photography a zoom is very useful, particularly if there's no chance of moving around. Unfortunately the 35-100 is about twice the price [gulp!] so I'm not sure it can be justified. FWIW, I've done a little stage photography with legacy primes & MFT (24, 50, 90mm) and it always seemed the wrong one was on the camera; with 80-200mm back in the 35mm film days this was only very rarely the case.

While f1.8 might be nice to have, back in the film days I used to use 1000 ISO, 1/60 and f4.5 most of the time for band photos. Unless stage lighting has generally got a lot dimmer since then, I'd think f2.8 should be plenty, especially given the massive improvements in high ISO performance recently. YMMV, and a lot will depend on the venue...

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