NEX-6 autofocus - what's the verdict?

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Re: NEX-6 autofocus - what's the verdict?

maxscience wrote:

odobo wrote:

I have been using my 3 for 2 years, and just got a 5R (not a 6 but similar) 2 months ago.

I have to say it improves a lot, and I found the focus speed really depends on the lens you have on the camera. The new PDAF ready lens actually focus a lot faster than others, I have the 50mm, 55-210mm, 16mm, 30mm Macro and just got the 35mm yesterday and I have to say besides the 30mm Macro which always focus slow no matter what, the 50mm is the slowest among the rest of the lens, but it isnt that bad either. It will hunt in low light condition, and will take 2 or 3 secs to focus sometimes.

But the 35mm that I just got yesterday really surprised me, with just 1 dim light in my living room and aperture wide open it as able to change focus and take a picture within a sec when I was testing the focus speed last night. It just do what the hybrid AF should do, focus quickly with the PDAF and get the accurate focus with CDAF as I was able to see the focus move beyond then move back.

However the 35F18 does not support PDAF at the moment. Did you know that or it's placebo effect?

I can't speak for prior models, but between the 35, the 50 and the Sigma 19, the 35 seems to lock focus the quickest of the 3. Noticeable but not dramatically faster.

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