Pan 35-100/2.8 and Oly 75/1.8

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Re: Pan 35-100/2.8 and Oly 75/1.8

Jonas B wrote:

I have used the E-M5 a lot on tripod and I have the IBIS turned on all the time. I have yet to to get an image ruined by the IBIS. Perhaps it doesn't work well at very long exposure times (I'm thinking about several seconds long night exposures here), I haven't tried that yet.

With my last camera, I tested IS on and off on tripod, and found nothing I could see. I did not test long exposures, though, as I was preparing for safari and did not expect to be doing images in truly dark situations. Technically, it seems long exposures, as you say, would be where you find problems. Boy, why aren't camera makers more helpful than categorical "turn off IS with a tripod" announcements!

On a monopod, I would let IBIS work for sure. But, of course, try it out before taking those important once in a life-time images. (Yeah, that's the disclaimer as I don't want to be responsible for anything, lol). It is very useful for focusing as you know and with a monopod the exposure times are "short" any way.

IBIS on monopod seems sensible. But one can make "sensible" mistakes. On my last safari I used image stabilization (not-very-good sensor stabilization) with monopod, and it definitely helped at least sometimes, no obvious harm anytime. So, I'm fishing for help with newer/better IS. Yes, I will try myself before our NEXT safari, which is sort of twice in a lifetime event. (Just as you note, manual focus with 300 mm lens WITHOUT IBIS at half-press is just torture!)

Happy holidays,

To you, too, and thanks.

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