New Garage Studio Setup

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Re: New Garage Studio Setup

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

Yes, all this adds up - the light kit, meter, 2 PWs will cost you a bit over a grand. But what camera are you using? Is it your first camera? If not you've likely spend a lot more on the camera upgrade than you'll spend on thsi stuff which won't ever need upgraded.

Thanks for the detailed info. The 600EX-RF also uses radio to control other flashes in the rig, so I was hoping to build something around that technology in future. I thought i'd need more flashes but was thinking that would be 2 more 600's (or a cheaper equivalent) and then use soft-boxes on those. I've seen some LED based lights also, that seem to give good control (and could be multi-purposed to video) but again I'm looking to add a bit of kit at a time, to build up the right set.

I'm using a 550D, but looking at full-frame options having outgrown it a little. Obviously it's big expense, so trying to get the right gear that can be used in a variety of circumstances without getting too specialist, whist I practise.

Never considered a light meter before, but will look now.

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