need help understanding Time Machine Restore function

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Re: need help understanding Time Machine Restore function

andrzej bialuski wrote:

Thanks for the reply.

Actually I am not trying to restore the Aperture Library. It is Aperture that created this mess and started deleting files.

All I want to do is to restore my Photo Files to the date before I started using Aperture and include any photos that I added in the meantime.

Once I have it restored, I am going back to Lightroom, which has always been my favorite anyway.

Where were those photos before you started using Aperture? That is where you should go in Time Machine. Let's assume that your photos were stored in a folder called 'My Photos' and that this folder was in your standard 'Pictures' folder. You imported these in Aperture as managed files, so you deleted the 'My Photos' folder after you were done. This is how you get them back: Open the 'Pictures' folder in the Finder. Start Time Machine. In TM go to a date before you started to use Aperture. Your old 'My Photos' folder should now be visible in TM. You can restore that entire folder, or you can restore individual images by opening that folder (if you know which images are the missing ones).

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