Audio hiss with D600 and ME-1 microphone

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Re: I can't believe the misinformation on this forum


(old audio engineer here)

From your description, you may have a camera that has excessively noisy audio circuits. Just as there are variations in lenses and camera bodies, there can be problems with the camera's electronics, apart from any other function in an otherwise good camera. Talk about adding complexity to these tools!

Since you are getting excessive hiss even when using manual audio at moderate gain settings, you may need Nikon to service the electronics (good luck with that!).

Your expectation that the D800 should have audio as good or better, using an external mic, than a lesser camera with video capability using its on-camera mic is right, except for this: The camera using its on-camera mic may be constantly picking up camera noise which drives it's audio sensitivity lower, reducing the chances of hiss appearing as noise in the signal. (Although there certainly is other noise mixed with the signal)

But you are correct in your expectation that if you use a high-quality, low-noise pre-amp between the mic and the camera and feed its output (with its gain control set moderately high) to your camera's input (with manual gain set low), you should get better quality audio (lower hiss) than you have been experiencing.

It's a shame that your camera is giving you too much audio noise even in manual gain mode.


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