30 new lenses added in one go to the m4/3 system...

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Re: 30 new lenses added in one go to the m4/3 system...

drj3 wrote:

If Olympus wants a "pro" camera, they need to have fast, high quality zoom and telephoto lenses. They already have these for the FT and not yet for the mFT. Even it they developed a 300mm, 2.8 lens or a 90-250mm 2.8 zoom for the mFT, the lenses would still be very large and heavy. Being able to use the current FT lenses would seem like a significant advantage at least for now while they develop fast pimes for the mFT. I personally prefer the Olympus FT lens to the Panasonic mFT options, since Olympus cameras do not correct for lens distortion. I also fear that future Panasonic cameras may not to continue to support software correction of distortion for current lenses as the number of lenses mutiply. I have had too may printers and scanners which are no longer supported by upgrades of operating system software to be confident of future support.

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Do we even need long lenses this fast with the latest sensor advances for m43.  I would rather prefer a very good quality 300mm  f4 for around $2500.  It would also be smaller and lighter with the potential for being handheld.

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