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Re: a99 Review, One Exceptional Camera. Agreed.

Mikael Kaplar wrote:

I must say that this useless arguing is bad for the forum. I myself became a part of it because I do not have understanding towards people who just presents claims without backing up with evidence.

I guess the problem lies with digital photography and video. It made image making very democratic, everybody can afford some short of equipment to produce photos and videos. In the good - or bad - old days you did not see the outcome of your work at once and you had to master your craft to be able to make a living out of it. You then picked your tools carefully and learned to use them.

In this day and age we got digital cameras whit instant feedback and full auto functions. People who use this setups usually go for the sharpness of the image of their home videos, and that is completely OK. I also have a small Sony Handycam for family occasions. It is great cam, everybody can use it at once. But this is not for work.

So we are talking about different things here. I am not a fanboy by any means, I just happened to choose Sony for my professional work. If someone uses some other brands - i am completely OK with it.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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I agree. I'll also add, like there are people that troll on here, so are there people that sit in denial. Point and case, there was a photographer on here that used Sony, Canon and Nikon. He'd pointed out the back focusing issue on the A99 when trying to focus during the "golden sun" hours. People didn't want to read nor hear that. He'd also pointed out the issue with the D800. That issue was focusing issues on the left side. One particular photographer, a Nikon user tried his best to play it down as a few isolated photographer experiencing the issue. Funny, I was on Amazon a few days ago looking a the D800e, turns out that several D800 owners have this exact same issue that they'd discussed on Amazon's review forums.

When I see the threads and reviews that express the same issues, I'll look into this myself. It's stupid going around accusing several posters of being one in the same on here as nothing but trolls. Although I do detect one loony on here who likes to open up multiple accounts just to get a rise out of people. That's not normal.

I think that we should get Dpreview to do a test on what keeps coming up. If the issue is legit, then this would be a good way to get Sony's attention where they can both acknowledge and address this issue.

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