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Re: OM-D: what I DON'T like

John.Laninga wrote:

Reading all the forum posts, you'd think the OM-D was perfection personified. After a week of use, I see some basic issues that make the camera less than perfect for me. By posting them here, I'm hoping to elicit responses how you have adapted or solved them. So this is not a slam of the OM-D, but an attempt learn ways around what I think are equipment issues.

Ergonomic: I always finger dangle the camera and use a wrist strap. So I bought the grip, never use the battery part, just the grip itself. But every time I want to charge the battery I have to remove the grip so I can open the battery compartment.

Flash: I seldom use the builtin flash, but when I do it is nice to just pop it up. Not remove three covers and hope not to lose them.

Controls: Compared to my GH2, camera setup is tedious. For example, if I want to use bracketing, it takes something like 6 button presses. Even using a MySet, it still requires you to delve into the menus. On my GH2, just slide the lever from single to bracket and back.

I have spent hours going through the menus, manuals and the various posts you can find here. Anything else that would help me around these and other areas would be appreciated. I still think the OM-D is a fine camera, and I'm sure as I use it more it will be even better.

- If you are going to use just the landscape part of the grip, you would have been better off with one of the third party alternatives like the Really Right Stuff grip or the John Millich's Grip, or even the chinese one which I can't remember the name: all these third party grips are significantly cheaper than the Olympus one, and all offer access to the battery compartment without having to be removed from the body. I agree that the body with no grip is a little uncomfortable for long shooting sessions, especially if you have large hands and/or a largish lens mounted. I personally have the Really Right Stuff grip.

- I totally agree: the built-in flash is just stupid: too weak for daylight fill flash, and you have to remove all those silly plastic caps to put it on. I have solved the problem by buying a used FL-14: more powerful, no caps to remove, still pocketable (more or less) doesn't drain camera's battery.

- Controls: yes setup is tedious (and sometimes even frustrating) but once you configure everything to your liking you are more or less all set. And yes, again, you're right, turning bracketing on and off is a royal PITA. I really, really hope that Olympus fixes this in a future firmware update.

Other niggles I have with the camera: the paint (mine is silver) could be a little tougher, the management of autofocus point size could be simpler.

Other than this, I really love the camera. Great image quality, wide DR, quick and accurate focus, good number of external controls, very reliable AWB, decent battery life, great viewfinder, small and light, yet robust enough.

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