Considering buying the HS30

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Re: Considering buying the HS30

PAUL TILL wrote:

Just spend a little more and get the X-S1, I've seen loads on e-bay going for £300. It's the nearest you're going to get to shooting a DSLR.

What Michael Melb AU said about the HS30 With ergonomics so close to DSLR that you may feel at times that you are using one. is way over the top, the HS30 looks and feels like a fisher-price toy camera compared to a DSLR let alone the the X-S1, the X-S1 actually feels better built than a lot of mid-range DSLR's.


Constantly putting the HS30 down. Do not own the X-S1 (I am a sensible person) but it is probably about the same the difference between the ergonomics of S100fs and the HS30. In that case I prefer the HS30. It is ridiculous to say that the HS30 is a fisher-price toy camera. You must be a little frustrated because of your wrong purchase.


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