Conica Minolta 1350W

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Way to step up, yihlee! Good job. nt

yihlee wrote:

I searched and couldn't find any driver for W8, only for W7, Vista, XP.

If the printer driver refuses to work in W8, there may be a software solution to it. I don't have W8, the following are for W7. Should not be much different in W8.

Solution 1: Right click on the (older version) driver install file, click Property. In the next window, click Compatibility tab. Choose the one that best matches the version of your driver file, then OK. Next, run the install file as usual.

Solution 2: Virtual PC mode. This is more complicated. You need go to Microsoft site for details and some downloads. Basicly, it means running (simulating) another OS within W7 (or W8). That OS can be XP, W95, ... Within that OS, you may install apps, driver and such, and perform your work there as if you're working on another computer. This (virtual pc) mode is for those die-hard incompatible programs and drivers.

Solution 3: Dual boot. This is complicated. You need to do some research before proceeding. Basicly, it require you to install two seperate OS in your pc. You choose which one to boot and run. One of the OS will be for the oldie apps which refuse to run in any other OS. The other, W8, for regular stuff.

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