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Re: How does this deal sound??

Craig wrote:

r2880 less than a year old, hardly used, 2 sets of cartridges, plus a set of cartridges in the printer almost full, roll of epson paper, selling because does not use very much.

asking $350?

Probably could get it for $300?


Sounds good, but I had to purchase my 2880 at full price with rebate.  I later stumbled onto a very much like new Epson 2400 at a really great price.  A professional photographer purchased it new and then ended up not liking it over his 3880 so it pretty much sat there unused in his studio.  He ask to return it a few months later, but was told that he could not return it but could trade it in on some used camera equipment.  I walked in the very day after he returned it and my good friend at my photo shop told me about it and I was able to pick it up for $160.00, it still had ink in most of its cartridges.  It looks just like brand new and I am still using it along with my 2880.  As for your deal I would go for it if you could not find anything any better.

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