annoying adobe updates and how to stop??

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Re: annoying adobe updates and how to stop??

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Simply delete all Adobe products on your Mac (and use equally capable substitutes) and the problem will stop.

That's really interesting because when someone wants Apple or Microsoft update notifications to stop, nobody said you should delete your operating system.

OK. Perhaps I should have added an emoticon so the readers would have seen it was tongue in cheek. In the future I will do so to help prevent misunderstanding of my intent.

However, I am not a fan of Adobe for various reasons. I eliminated Adobe products from my computers for various reasons: from the corporate distain for it's customers, to the way a new installation would stomp all over my system default settings. While Apple and Microsoft do use software update notifications, they are not as annoying as Adobe and the OP found the Adobe updates annoying. Other options are available.

Wow. Angry man. I guess you have the same issues and actions with lots of other companies like Macdonalds, Esso, BP, BAT, etc etc and boycott them too? Lifecs sometimes to short.

Actually JulesJ, I am not angry. I am quite a happy guy! I agree that life is too short, especially too short to waste it dealing with companies that are annoying or do not respect their customers. I vote with my money and spend it on ethical companies that produce quality ethical products and treat their employees and customers respectfully. I take pleasure in supporting and encouraging corporate excellence. There are too many companies out there doing shoddy work. Why should they be rewarded with my money?

Well done.

Merry Christmas to everyone at DPReview!

Many people seem to like Adobe. I am very happy for them and wish them well in using these products to pursue their creative passions.

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