Buy a 5N and sell it after use for a 5R or buy a 5R straight?

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Arun Padakandla Regular Member • Posts: 128
Buy a 5N and sell it after use for a 5R or buy a 5R straight?


I am requesting the readers of this forum for suggestions and opinions on my dilemma. I have decided on buying a sony NEX 5 series camera and it is going to be either a 5N or 5R.My dilemma is which one to choose.

I have read extensively of 5N and 5R and I know in and out of their details and advantages.

I am an enthusiastic amateur. I only take photos of the kind found in . As you will see most of them with me posing in front of architecture, landscape etc. And almost all of these shots were taken with a camera placed on a tripod with timed shutter release. The feature of remote shutter release is important to me and since I am alone many times, the LCD flipping up 180 degrees is a useful feature for me. This suggests I go in for the 5R. However the 5R costs $698 today and I can get a brand new 5N for $428 (both with their kit lenses). So my options are

1. Buy the 5N, use it for a year with the remote shutter release feature (I can definitely work with this since I have shot all the snaps in without either a flip LCD or a remote shutter release). Then around this time next year, when the price of 5R would have dropped to around $450, I can sell my 5N and buy a new 5R. My questions with regard to this option is - What are best places for amateur sellers to sell their cameras? What price can I expect of a 1 year old 5N which has been well kept? Do people trust and buy your goods even though you have no selling history? What would you guess the price of 5R be around Black Friday next year?

2. Just go ahead and pay the extra $270 and buy the 5R.

3. Wait for a few months and jump into a deal for NEX 5R when you see on. I dont think I will need a camera till early spring next year so this option is feasible. With your experience, when do you think the price of NEX 5R will drop and what would you guess I need to may for it some time in March/May 2013?

Thanks so much for your suggestions, comments and opinions. I would be very happy and thankful to read your suggestions. Please post the same.




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