30 new lenses added in one go to the m4/3 system...

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jim stirling wrote:

Future user wrote:

Support for more lenses at full performance is always a positive thing. It's good news, especially for current 4/3 users. However, as a future m4/3 user, I hope this doesn't mean Olympus won't make m4/3 versions of these fast zooms. I'm sure they can make fast 12-60 and 50-200 (or similar ranges) substantially smaller and lighter

This is excellent {and, well deserved} news for those who have stuck by FT over recent uncertain times .Many of whom have been and are strong supporters of Olympus over the years some buying thousands of pounds worth of equipment. There are some true gems amongst the Olympus line up , though relative to mFT many are large and heavy , plus if you buy them new they can be very pricey indeed. I have had my eye on a used 50-200 SWD as it is a unique option that offers a lot for the money, though I better get looking before prices creep up.


The 50-200 is perhaps the most problematic lens to adapt to m4/3, but just do a search here and you'll see that many have adapted others already with success. So the new camera will just be the icing on the cake.

The sad truth is that in the other forum there has been a bunch of sour old men who desperately resisted the transition, clamoring for mirror only machines. For me it has become impossible to post in the other forum since they inform against any outsider.

So here we are now 4 yrs. later with the same 4/3 lenses and a dip in prices, that's how clever they are. If one selects center AF, CDAF compatible lenses, and drive mode the slowdown is already very manageable.

OTH we don't know how the new adapter will work. If it uses internal lenses, there might be a drop in light coming through.

I just checked the, 14-54 II and its price is half the Panny 12-35, while aperture is about the same. Problem is that it weighs 500 gr. so it must be a deliberate choice.

It's quite likely that the true advantage of m4/3 is in wides, with no need of retrofocus lenses. There is no advantage at the tele end, unless maker uses a lighter construction.The 'old' lenses however have better performance at the edges. So there will be additional choice.

If diehards hadn't been so obtuse, so afraid of technological change, these notions might have surfaced much earlier, and little money would have been lost.


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