NEX-5N with kit lens vs. Zeiss lens

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Re: Here is side by side with a <$100 lens

yobitake wrote:

That's very nice comparison! I agree Canon FDn 24/2.8 is very nice. Just this week I also got the 24/2.0 version (for about 300USD), but I cannot see much difference between them yet.

I am assuming you mean between the two Canon lenses, not between the Canon 24 2.0 and the SEL1855?

That is very interesting.  I have been so pleased with the Canon 24mm 2.8 that I was thinking about "upgrading" to either the 24mm 2.0 or the 1.4.  Probably I won't find a 1.4 at a price I am willing to spend, but if the 2.0 is not better I there's no need to "run that experiment" either.

I don't make large prints and I don't believe in "pixel peeping".  I also don't believe in keeping lenses that I won't actually put on my camera.  Therefore for me to keep a lens it has to make a difference I can see when looking at the whole frame on my monitor.  That is a harsh test. I have tested a lot of lenses, probably about 30 over the last two years.  I have found it very hard to predict the keepers from the manual focus world.  For example, I tested the Canon FD 28 2.8 and the 35 f2.  Neither of those delivered the difference you can see with the 24mm.  Why? Who knows?

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