X100 sRGB or Adobe RGB

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Re: X100 sRGB or Adobe RGB

Otromio wrote:

I'd always thought the clever people used Adobe 1998 (same as Adobe RGB?) but Ken Rockwell and others insist sRGB is better. I'm using Lightroom and generally shoot RAW although I hear the x100 makes great jpgs. What's the consensus?

a) it doesn't matter for RAW-s, RAW is just a raw data that you can put into a restricted color space later when exporting to TIFF-s, JPEG-s or whatever you might like

b) if you have everything calibrated and ARGB capable (from your monitor display to finally a lab with a calibrated printer) then ARGB would be better in reds and blues, but you really, really need to have everything calibrated and color space aware, one "no" in that chain pretty much screws your photos

c) it doesn't make much sense to shoot JPEG's in ARGB though (some people do that for various reasons though), you will need to convert it to srgb (with a loss) for web for example


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