Timelapse Review -- Christmas Tree Decorating

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Timelapse Review -- Christmas Tree Decorating


The app has lots of customization options, including preset modes for city lights, miniature, sunsets, sunrise, cloudy sky, night sky etc.

You can use your PASM modes, which is a huge plus and set your interval time

You can decide between 24 frames a second, 30 frames a second or just keep the photos.

For WHATEVER REASON, the file format can only saved as AVI video, which is odd because the NEX uses MP4 and AVCHD for its own video modes. I kinda wish that we had an AVI option for videos, but that's not a big deal. If you choose to create an AVI, it will be an HD (1080) video.

You can start a self timer of two seconds or start shooting immediately

Shooting intervals can be set between 1 to 60 seconds, choosing single second increments up to 10 seconds per shot--after 10 seconds, you can only set for increments of 5 seconds.

You also set your total shots in increments of 30 shots up to 990 shots

The camera will show you the final duration of your video with each setting change (DURATION) as well as the length of the video (PLAYBACK ICON) when played back at 24 or 30 fps. This, of course, can be changed using your computer with any number of editing programs.

For example, this original video of us decorating the tree would only have been 10 seconds at 24 fps, but I changed the speed of the playback using Screenflow 4 (a presentation and video capture application) so that you can see individual frames of the timelapse and to pad the time.

NOTE: If you decide to shoot videos sideways (portrait orientation), youtube will natively stretch your videos to fit a wider display. You will have to be sure to make changes to the video via movie editing software to force "black bars" on the sides of your video before uploading to youtube. Vimeo did not do this in my testing.

Quite a few options, but 10 bucks is pricey for something that was advertised as being a "feature" of the NEX-6 during promotions.

Overall, the timelapse app is really useful and quite versatile with lots of customization options, if you want them, and some automated options, for those that don't want to adjust any settings.

I give it an enthusiast score of 9/10 -- for those that want to tweak tons of settings and play around.

and a mom score of 10/10 -- for those that just want to use the app and not touch anything.

Note: Vello screen protector for NEX-6 (advertised for NEX-7). Fits perfectly!

Happy Holidays.

Sony Alpha NEX-6 Sony Alpha NEX-7
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