Will a Sony NEX F3 or 5N take pictures the same quality as an entry level DSLR?

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Re: Will a Sony NEX F3 or 5N take pictures the same quality as an entry level DSLR?

Wow.  This forum is awesome!  Thank you all so much for the very fast and extremely thorough replies.  In particular Elieser and Mr Taikitso - love the in depth answers and significant outlay of time you have both taken in your replies.  It is really, sincerely appreciated.

After reading all of these answers, and they were all informative about the different aspects of my quandary, I think I will go for a Mirrorless ILC.  As much as I love the idea of the Nikon 5100, or even more so, the Sony A37, I konw lugging it everywhere will get tiring - especially considering that my talent is going to be the major limiting factor with any camera I get for now.

As such, the smaller NEX / m43 cameras are practically the way to go.  And now, knowing that I can expect good images out of them too (assuming I do the right thing and get the right lenses), I can buy one fairly confidently.  Slightly concerned by the apparent annoyance of the NEX menu system, but I imagine I will cope as I usually do with obtuse menu systems, even if I prob won't like it.

I think getting the MILC will be the way to go for now.  Maybe try find a decent fixed wide focus lens and a decent zoom (maybe the 40-150, or just keep the 18-55) so I can take some good photos.

Then, when I know a bit more of what I am doing (hopefully), I can buy a newer better body, another lens and build on the E mount system, or switch over to something like an A77 if I think that is what I want...  And I haven't spent too much on my initial system should I change.

Love all the advice everyone.  Truly awesome to see a forum where so many people will give their time and expertise to strangers so freely and openly. I think I have found my new favourite forum. Hopefully, I will be in the place to return the favours to someone some day.

Thanks all!


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