Merry Christmas all! 5D3 / 24-105 waterways images....

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Re: Thanks all! Hi Dave and CZAHAROP....

Francesco wrote:

Paul Boothroyd wrote:

Fletch147 wrote:

I process mainly in LR4, saturation, contrast, sharpening, dodging and burning.....

I slightly underexpose my shots....then lift the shadows in post slightly for a slightly surreal look... 5D3 not as good as my old D800 at this have to be careful with the 5D3 as there is plenty of shadow noise if raised too much.

Occasionally cropping to taste.....levels..... thats pretty much it really.

Cheers! Jon.

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Jonathan. (Fletch)

Wouldn't it be better to expose correctly in RAW and then process to get the look, thus keeping noise out of the shadows?

Nice images though.

Merry Christmas.

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Paul, you are correct. I have never heard before of exposing to the left and then using postprocessing to bring out details from the shadows. The reason behind the exposing to the right (ETTR) technique is simple. Bits in RAW files are used in a non-linear fashion. As an example here is the distribution of levels for an old 12bit RAW file:

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Francesco Gallarotti

And here is the 12-bit vs 14-bit RAW data value distribution:

Brightest stop: 2,048 vs 8,192

Second brightest stop: 1,024 vs 4,096

Third stop: 512 vs 2,048

Fourth stop: 256 vs 1,024

Fifth stop: 128 vs 512

Everything else: 128 vs 512

Total distinct values: 4,096 vs 16,384

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Francesco Gallarotti

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