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Re: Rising Above


At some point Raist ought to show that he knows what he is talking about, and I have seen nothing yet. Modest and cautious statements of opinion are one thing, but he continues to make unqualified and broadly negative assertions about Sigma and about the DP2M, as well as images from the camera.

I begin to doubt his assertion that he even photographs cats, let alone him having ever been in a coal mine.

Clearly the DP2M has its flaws and weaknesses. But it can even do weddings. Of course.

So far we have Reichman and Bargate and you and many others on one side of the issue, with great images, and Raist on the other, with none whatsoever. How to evaluate this conflict of views? It doesn't seem that difficult.

Reichman suggested that anyone who didn't like the DP2M was, shall we say, of the fairer sex. Sort of. Very rude. The camera seems to demand, and reward, patience and skill. What can it all mean?


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