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Re: iPad photo workflow

ichatpatrick wrote:

I've tried to do the same thing with an iPad 2, and then an iPad 3, and I've come to the conclusion that my 2011 Macbook Air works better for this (despite not having a Retina display).

I've found photo management very difficult on the iPads. In every program I've tried, it seems to take a few too many swipes to delete a photo. At least with the MB Air, and the way I've set up Aperture, I can do it with one keystroke.

I'm planning to travel with the MB Air and an iPad mini unless some better software comes along for the iPad.

This is my experience also; the issue is compounded for shooting RAW. My current solution is to shoot RAW (compact flash card) + JPG (SD). That's one backup right there. Then, I load the JPGs to my iPad (I use a iPad "4" with retina, so have a converter from the big old connector to the lightning connector) and RAW to my MacBook Air. That's another backup there. If I get the time, I can process the RAW files using LR4. If I don't get time, everyone can view the JPGs on the iPad.

By the way, a bonus not often mentioned with the camera connection kit is that one of the connecters is simply a USB connector: you can connect your camera directly via USB.

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