Does overexposing help get a better RAw file in the OMd?

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Re: Does overexposing help get a better RAw file in the OMd?

christosthegreek wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

christosthegreek wrote:

Show me a different method that produces a better result, by example!

I am usually serious when I write, but Andy's statement that "whites should be white, and blacks should be black" (or something) caused me to satirically write, "what if my grays aren't gray?". Then you jumped onto the "bandwagon", with (something like), "adjust the tone-curve". So I satirically wrote to you something like, "think outside of the monochromatic box". The entire exchange was (in my view) just silly stuff. Nothing much to take seriously at all. Yes, "adjust the tone curve" ...

I also have a sense of humour. It's all interesting stuff and good to know

Having a healthy "sensor of humor" helps to keep from falling too in love with cold, dead machines.

Now, who is gonna hack the EM5?

Dunno. But I do know of some "hacks" who have E-M5s (yourself, of course, are excluded ! ).

I have a Gee H Too, but invention being the mother of modern necessity, I must have a Gee H Tree or I will not be a complete hack (I will remain only a dated hack now quite out of fashion) ...

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