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Re: Moderators launched!

Roger Engelken wrote:

The addition of moderators is a very welcome and long overdue change to the site. I have already noticed changes for the better. All the best in your role.


Now if only we had a crystal ball, then the other incessant speculative threads and questions could be put to rest. Oh well....I know mine is shattered

particular instances of speculation or borderline comparison arent so bad in themselves, I think we have to be careful not to go over the top and overcontrol things. What did the damage here were continual equivalence arguments in one form or another,

.......I remember at one time the 4 top posters in 1022 didnt own or use olympus gear, and that situation continued pervading most threads for month after month.

Others went to extraordinary lengths to annoy people following them around with stupid comments, assuming other nicks or 'disposable identities' so that should they be discovered their original nick wouldnt be banned. They would join into fights supporting the numbers which made the trolls case seem more convincing, by sheer weight of numbers.

They spent time building up a fake histories as 43rds users, presenting images stolen from genuine users offsite to support their fictitious credibility, even creating offsite galleries to complete the fraud. I can recall several individuals like that, using various nicks from time to time or until they were discovered. I dont have any complete record but there would be scores of such nicks here used to troll 1022 or subvert otherwise quite worthy threads

The future has yet to be written.

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