Will a Sony NEX F3 or 5N take pictures the same quality as an entry level DSLR?

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Re: Will a Sony NEX F3 or 5N take pictures the same quality as an entry level DSLR?

NEX have one the world best IQ at high ISO, in low-light condition among APS-C cameras. On short distances flash works impeccable and give precise  color rendition ( special White balance for flash). IQ with flash is even  better, than with high ISO.

May be,  it is possible to buy for 750 dollars NEX 5R with very convenient dial and sensitive screen, fast but not enough tested Phase detection autofocusing ( but flash as in kit included accessory). IQ is as good as 5N and F3, but not better.

Nikon D5100 have  the same sensor as NEX ( I have read) and near as good IQ as NEX. It is bulkier. You get viewfinder. convenient controls, good JPEGs, more versatile lens, but very poor implemented Live View, and too agressive on default  noise reduction (cons are why I have not bought this camera). Is  camera You could buy cheap new or used? Used camera not only could be damaged, they have inevitably worn - out mechanical parts - shutter etc.

Panasonic G3 have convenient controls and electronic viewfinder, but a bit poorer IQ in low light.

Olympus EPL5: the same frustrating control dial, and its dial is lesser in dimension, even less convenient. Poorer screen than NEX. No built in flash. No viewfinder. Not as much variable automatical possibilities. Poorer or not better IQ in low light. All disadvantages of NEX. Pros: very good JPEG algorythm and color rendition; dial for modes switching: built - in camera ( not in lens) optical image stabilisation; commfhortable menu.

Samsung NX20 is too expensive. NX200, 210, 1000 are not too expensive, but  do not have electronical viewfinder. NX cameras produced worsest IQ in low light among all APS-C cameras.

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